#159 Bluebonnets, USA.

The bluebonnet became the Texas state flower in 1901. Part of the legume family, it blooms from March through May.

#158 County Courthouse, USA.

County Courthouse - Cambridge, Maryland, USA.

#157 Mesa Verde National Park, USA.

The Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America. The structure built by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples Mesa Verde National Park in their former homeland region. 
Mesa Verde National Park is a US National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It was created in 1906 to protect some of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the world.

#156 Monks Mound, USA.

Monks Mound is the largest Pre-Columbian earthwork in America north of Mesoamerica. Located at the Cahokia Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site near Collinsville, Illinois, its size was calculated in 1988 as about 30 m high, 291 m long including the access ramp at the southern end, and 236 m wide. This makes Monks Mound roughly the same size at its base as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Its base circumference is larger than the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan.

#155 New York, USA.

Manhattan's East side skyline as seen from the borough of Quenns - New York City.
Thank you for amazing cards Dan! :)

#154 Statue of Liberty, USA.

Statue of Liberty, New York.
The best way to see Statue of Liberty is take a 3 hour boat cruise around Manhattan Island ;)

#153 New York, USA.

Midtown Manhattan Skyline.
And Manhattan Bridge ;)

#152 New York, USA.

Midtown Manhattan skyline at dusk.

#151 Nine Creeks, China.

Nine Creeks is located in Misty Forest, on the south of Longjing (Dragon Well) and 10 kilometers away from the West Lake. It's a beautiful and quiet scene of waters in mountains with creeks as the theme and mountains and trees as the background.

#150 Taiwan.

First handmade postcard in my collection. Made by Una :)

#149 Texas, USA.

Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge is world famous for its birds, and home to a mix of wildlife only found here.
This's a postcard from my favs :) Thank you Angee!

#148 Russia.

Official postcard from Russia.

#147 The Newport Bridge, USA.

Beautiful postcard of Newport Bridge in Newport, Rhode Island.
Thank you Katie! This postcard's perfect! :)

#146 Colorado, USA.

Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876 and was the 38th state. Colorado is known as the 'Centennial State' and the actual meaning of the word Colorado is 'colored red'.

#145 Thousand Islands, Canada-USA.

The Thousand Islands is the name of an archipelago of islands that straddle the Canada-USA border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. They stretch for about 80 km downstream from Kingston, Ontario. The Canadian islands are in the province of Ontario. The U.S. islands are in the state of New York. The islands, which number 1,793 in all, range in size from over 40 square miles (100 km2) to smaller islands occupied by a single residence, to even smaller uninhabited outcroppings of rocks that are home to migratory waterfowl.
 On the postcard we can see Boldt Castle which is located on Heart Island (New York).

#144 Ukraine.

This postcard doesn't show Ukraine but I love a quote Margarita wrote on the postcard. 'Love is when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is better than dream'. Like it because it's so true. I wish I could be able to say that...

#143 American Man’s Museum, Brazil.

American Man's Museum's in Serra da Capivara National Park in Brazil. There's a collection of pieces found during archeological explorations carried out in the area of the Park.

#142 Ashland, USA.

The soft light of the lowering sun casts a lovely hue on this grand hotel. It's overlooking Lake Superior at Ashland, Wisconsin.

#141 Bern, Switzerland.

Bern - Capital City Switzerland - UNESCO Heritage since 1983.

#140 China.

Painted by Han Meilin. He is a famous Chinese artist most recognized today for his creation of the Fuwa dolls for the 2008 Beijing olympics.

#139 Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki by night part 2 ;)
This ship goes between Stockholm and Helsinki.

#138 Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

Muntinlupa city is one of the most progressive cities in the country where the boasting commercial establishments in the metropolis and the Ayala Alabang Village, a residential community, of many wealthy and famous people in the city can be found.

#137 Louisiana, USA.

Louisiana is a state located in the southern region of the USA. Its capital is Baton Rouge and largest city is New Orleans. 
State Flower: Magnolia
State bird: Pelican 
State motto: Union, Justice and Confidence

#136 The Grand Canyon, USA.

The Grand Canyon from Below, Running the Colorado River.
The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States.
Thank you Katie! :)

#135 Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki by night :)

#134 Turku, Finland.

Turku is a city situated on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River. For the year 2011, Turku has been designated to be the European Capital of Culture together with Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia.

#133 Netherlands.

Nice, colorful postcard from the Netherlands.

#132 Longmen Grottoes, China.

The grottoes and niches of Longmen contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties. These works, entirely devoted to the Buddhist religion, represent the high point of Chinese stone carving.
Grottoes are one of the three most famous ancient sculptural sites in China. There are over 2100 niches, more than 100,000 statues, some 40 pagodas and 3600 tablets and steles in the caves of Guyang, Binyang and Lianhua.
The area was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in November 2000.

#131 New York, USA.

New York - The Empire State. 
Capital: Albany
Motto: Excelsior, Ever Upward
Flower: Rose
Tree: Sugar Maple
11th of the Original 13 States

# 130 Alabama, USA.

Alabama State Highway Department Building. 
Montgomery, Alabama.

#129 Kiev Opera, Ukraine.

The Kiev Opera group was formally established in the summer of 1867, and is the third oldest in Ukraine, after Odessa Opera and Lviv Opera.

#128 Greenpeace, China.

Wish I knew Chinese language...

#127 Hereford Cathedral, United Kingdom.

Hereford Cathedral from the south-east, with the River Wye in the foreground. The present Cathedral was founded in the early 12th century.