#046 Dresden, Germany.

First ofiicial postcard for really long time :) Dresden is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech border.

#045 North Carolina, USA.

The coloring of this postcard's awesome!
Description from the postcard: This fiery reflection of the blazing sunset on Pungo River along the North Carolina Coast is captured near the docks at Ponzer.

#044 North Carolina, USA.

Beautiful reflections in Slockrock Creek in Slickrock Wilderness provide a peacuful moment for quiet meditations.

#043 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy.

Nice view of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. It's prominently sited on the northern side of the Piazza del Duomo in Milan.
My camera changed a colours a bit...

#042 Jyväskylä, Finland.

A multiview postcard from Finland.

#041 Cascade Mountains, USA

Beautiful view!
It's sunrise over Mt. Baring and the Cascade Mountains.

#040 Minneapolis, USA

I got 8 postcards today! But this one's def the best :)
A golden sunset casts its hue on the skies over Downtown Minneapolis and is reflected in the Mississippi River. 
Another postcard to my 50 states of the USA collection.

#039 Lake Inesi, Latvia.

This postcard's from girl from Germany but it shows Inesi Lake. And it's awesome :) I love sunsets :)

#038 Venlo, the Netherlands.

I got exactly the same postcard month ago...

#037 The Ozarks, USA

Ozark Mountains. The Ozark Mountains of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas provide beautiful vistas and breathtaking scenery :)

#036 The Singapore Flyer, Singapore.

The Singapore Flyer located at the Raffles Avenue. It's currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world!
That's awesome ;)

#035 Golden Gate Bridge, USA.

I love this bridge! It always remainds me my favourite TV series - 'Charmed' ;) It's just awesome! 
I got it from Ernest and I can say that it was direct swap :P

#034 Statue of Liberty, USA.

 All the things I like the most: it's from New York, it's from USA and it's another great addition to my UNESCO WHS collection :)

#033 Clepsydra Geyser, USA.

I love this postcard! It's Clepsydra Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, USA. 
This highly active geyser is located at the Fountain Paint Pots. Its eruption rarely ceases. Combined with a low western horizon, Clepsydra provides photographers with a spectacular sunset.

#032 Warkworth, United Kingdom.

Warkworth, Northumberland in United Kingdom.

#031 Vestibule of the metro station 'Vorobiovy Gory', Russia.

Some metro station in Russia. Irina wrote note in Russian language but I don't know this language. But my mum do so she translated me everything :D
That's funny, she learnt Russian only for few years (in high school) and she still knows this language. I've learnt English for 11 years (or something like this) and I still don't know it perfectly :P

#030 Canterbury Plains, New Zealand.

It's my first postcard from this beautiful country! It's looking across the Canterbury Plains to the Port Hills from Mt Thomas, North Canterbury, at sunset.

#029 Insel Hiddensee, Germany.

Great postcard! It's winter strom at Insel Hiddensee. I agree with every word that Apperveilchen wrote on the postcard: 'I love the dramatic cloud lines, light and spray of the waves hitting these rocks during this winter storm on Rügen Island'.

#028 Moscow, Russia

But this postcard I really like. I love such simply cards that show famous places or landscapes. It's Red Square in Moscow, Russia. So, it's another addition to my UNESCO WHS collection :)

#027 Summertime, USA.

Honestly, I don't like this postcard. That's because I'm not art fan. I don't enjoying painting...
It's 'Summertime' by Mary Cassatt (1984).
It was from 'all about water' RR.

#026 Wain Wath Force, United Kingdom.

I got this postcard yesterday. It's Wain Wath Force - waterfall situated on the River Swale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in North Yorkshire in UK.

#025 Wisconsin, USA.

This card is from girl from UK. But she knew that I collect postcard with USA states so she sent me this one :) It's the end of another beautiful day as the sun sets over Lake Michigan :)

#024 North Carolina, USA.

It's first postcard in my '50 states of the USA' collection. My aim is to get a card from each state in the USA with the name of the state at the front on it :)

#023 Venezia, Italy.

This postcard is from Edo. The funny thing's that his grandmother was born in my hometown - Szczecin :)

#022 Lighthouse in Warnemünde, Germany.

The picture shows Lighthouse in Warnemünde. It was sunrise or sunset RR :)

#021 Algarve, Portugal.

Really lovely postcard from Portugal. It's Algarve which is famous for its luxury resort & hotel spas by the beach.

#020 Venlo, Netherlands.

This postcard's also from city view RR. It's from Venlo, Netherlands. And it rather seems to be an ad of some hotel in this city.

#019 New York City, USA.

Yay! My first postcard from beautiful New York City :) It's Lower Manhattan as viewed from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, showing the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges crossing into the borough of Brooklyn.

#018 Taiwan

It's actually a photo not a postcard :P I don't know what the picture shows ;) Hmm...so it's some building in Taiwan :D

#017 USA

Well..it's not my favourite kind of postcards. I prefer city views, landscapes or sth like this. Especially from the USA. But I'm really a bookworm so the postcard's okay :)

#016 Minsk, Belaru.

I got two postcard from Minsk on the same day. Both from the same RR. So, here's the second one :)

#015 Minsk, Belarus.

It's my first RR postcard. It was city view RR. It's Minsk, capital city of Belarus.

#014 Trento, Piazza Dante, Italy.

This's a reprint of a 1910 poscard. It shows Dante Square in Trento.

#013 Replot Bridge, Finland.

Really bad quality of this picture, I know...It's a Replot Bridge and it seems to be really beautiful. It's 1,045 metres long so it's the longest bridge in Finland.

#012 Durbe manor park, Latvia.

Stone bridge in the Durbe Manor Park in Latvia. It reminds me a cemetery, I don't know why :P

#011 Ya Lu River Bridge, China.

What can I add? It's some bridge on the Yalu River in China :)

#010 Wat Pho, Thailand.

It's Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Ratchaworamahawihan haha :D The former name's Wat Pho. But it's also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It's is one of the biggest and the oldest aBuddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

#009 Savior Monastery, Solovetsky Islands, Russia.

I've just found out that I should add this postcard to my UNESCO WHS collection :P It's Savior Monastery situated on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea. And the islands are on World Heritage List.

#008 Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia.

I LOVE this postcard. It's def my favourite one! It shows Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were the world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004, when their height was surpassed by Taipei 101. But they still remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.
I'd love to see them live :) 

#007 Nürnberg, Germany.

Yeah, another postcard from Germany. It's Nürnberg (in german) or just Nuremberg ;)

#006 New Forest, United Kingdom

It's New Forest National Park - the latest National Park in UK. I love postcards that show nature (seas, rivers, mountains, parks) so this card's really great for me ;)

#005 Narasimha, India.

I love this postcard! It's Narasimha statue at Hampi, in India.

#004 Lemgo, Germany.

It was my first postcard from Germany. But not the last. I got a lot of cards from this country. Really. Don't ask me why :P

#003 Detroit, USA.

On 5th August I received my first postcard from the USA. I've decided to start '50 states of the USA collection' since then.

#002 Marilyn Monroe, Netherlands.

As I said on the beginning I'm also autograph collector. Patricia from the Netherlands was so kind and sent me postcard with Marilyn's autograph :) It's not a part of my collection as it's not an authentic autograph but I still really like it :)

#001 Hello Kitty, Finland.

My first postcard was from Jenni from Finland. I love Hello Kitty, she's so cute :)

Welcome to my blog!

Hello :)
As you can see I decided to create my own blog about postcrossing. I'll post all the cards that I got via postcrossing.com site and via RR or direct swap.
My name's Ela, I'm 20 and I live in Szczecin, Poland. I've collected postcards for 2 months (I found out about postcrossing in July 2010). I love getting postcards from all the world. It's so magical to find piece of the world in my mailbox :)
I'm also autograph collector. I've collected autographs since 2007 and I have something about 250 autographs in my collection :)
I love music, sports and movies :)
Ok, so that's all :) I'm going to improve my new blog now and show you what postcard I've got so far :)


Ps. I'm sorry if my English isn't easy for you to understand. That's because English isn't my laguage, I've learnt it for just few years...But I've tried my best! ;)

Ps2. Layout with New York as I love this city <3 Hope, I'll go there one day :)

Stwierdziłam, że jak ktoś 'bawi się' w postcrossing to angielski na pewno zna i tą moją słabą angielszczyznę pewnie zrozumie. Więc myślę, że polska wersja tego bloga jest raczej niepotrzebna :)