Welcome to my blog!

Hello :)
As you can see I decided to create my own blog about postcrossing. I'll post all the cards that I got via postcrossing.com site and via RR or direct swap.
My name's Ela, I'm 20 and I live in Szczecin, Poland. I've collected postcards for 2 months (I found out about postcrossing in July 2010). I love getting postcards from all the world. It's so magical to find piece of the world in my mailbox :)
I'm also autograph collector. I've collected autographs since 2007 and I have something about 250 autographs in my collection :)
I love music, sports and movies :)
Ok, so that's all :) I'm going to improve my new blog now and show you what postcard I've got so far :)


Ps. I'm sorry if my English isn't easy for you to understand. That's because English isn't my laguage, I've learnt it for just few years...But I've tried my best! ;)

Ps2. Layout with New York as I love this city <3 Hope, I'll go there one day :)

Stwierdziłam, że jak ktoś 'bawi się' w postcrossing to angielski na pewno zna i tą moją słabą angielszczyznę pewnie zrozumie. Więc myślę, że polska wersja tego bloga jest raczej niepotrzebna :)

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